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Refunds and Cancellation

Thank you for choosing Maveristic. We value your business and strive to deliver the best services. However, due to the nature of our services and the commitment we have to our service providers, we adhere to a strict "No Refund" and "No Cancellation" policy once payment has been made. Below are the details of our policy.

1. Payment

Upon choosing a service from Maveristic, you agree to pay the full amount for the service selected. Payments are to be made in full before the commencement of any service.

2. No Refund Policy

All sales are final. We do not offer refunds or credits for any services ordered through Maveristic once payment has been confirmed. By making a payment, you acknowledge and agree that the service you are purchasing is non-refundable.

3. No Cancellation Policy

Once payment has been made for a service, we cannot accommodate cancellations. The services begin processing immediately upon payment; therefore, we cannot offer cancellations or accept changes to your order. Please be sure of your purchase before completing your transaction.

4. Exceptions

The only exception to this policy is if Maveristic fails to commence the service on the agreed-upon start date without any fault on your part. In such a case, you may be eligible for a refund or cancellation as determined solely by Maveristic.

5. Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding this policy, don't hesitate to get in touch with us:

We recommend reviewing this policy in detail before making a purchase on Maveristic. Your payment to Maveristic signifies your agreement to this Refunds and Cancellation Policy.

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