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Creating a Testimonial Slider in Wix Studio Using a Slider Repeater Connected to CMS

Testimonial Slider

Integrating a testimonial slider on your Wix Studio site not only enhances visual appeal but also adds credibility through customer endorsements. Wix Studio, known for its flexibility and advanced design capabilities, allows you to create dynamic testimonial sliders by connecting a slider repeater to your CMS. This method is complemented by the option to integrate third-party apps for additional functionalities.

Using Wix Studio’s Slider Repeater

Wix Studio offers a powerful feature called the slider repeater, which can be directly connected to your CMS. This setup enables the dynamic display of testimonials as they are updated or added to your content management system.

Step-by-Step Guide to Set Up a Testimonial Slider in Wix Studio:

  • Open Your Wix Studio Editor: Start by accessing your site's backend in Wix Studio.

  • Add a Repeater: Go to the add menu, select "Repeater", and choose a slider repeater. This element will serve as the container for your testimonials.

  • Connect to CMS: Link the repeater to your CMS where the testimonials are stored. This ensures that the content updates automatically as new testimonials are added.

  • Customize the Design: Tailor the appearance of the repeater to match your site’s aesthetics. You can modify text, add images, and adjust layouts to showcase your testimonials effectively.

  • Set Display Rules: Define how many testimonials you want to show at a time and how they should transition—be it through sliding or fading.

By using Wix Studio's native tools, you maintain greater control over the design and integration, ensuring seamless compatibility and responsiveness across all devices.

Third-Party Apps for Additional Functionality

In addition to Wix Studio’s capabilities, you might consider enhancing your testimonial slider with third-party apps available through the Wix App Market. Apps like Elfsight and POWR offer customizable, ready-to-use testimonial sliders that can be easily integrated into your Wix site.

Key Features of Third-Party Testimonial Sliders:

Elfsight Testimonials Slider: Offers a variety of responsive layouts and design templates, social proof elements like customer photos and social media profiles, and easy integration​ (Elfsight).

POWR Testimonial Slider: Provides options for slide speed, autoplay, image protection, and embedded calls-to-action to drive conversions directly from the testimonials​ (

Choosing the Right Approach

Whether you choose to use Wix Studio’s slider repeater connected to CMS for a more integrated and customized experience or opt for the ease and additional features of third-party apps, both methods will effectively showcase customer testimonials on your site. Consider your specific needs for customization, ease of use, and potential costs when deciding the best approach for integrating a testimonial slider.

Integrating a dynamic testimonial slider will not only enhance the visual appeal of your website but also build trust with potential customers by showcasing positive feedback in an engaging format. This addition is an effective way to improve user engagement and boost credibility on your platform.

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