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[UPDATED] How to integrate PayU with WIX?


Hi Guys,

Here I will be sharing the details of payment integration to enable your business to go completely online with a hassle-free mechanism.

We all know and have heard PayU one of the most trusted payment platforms to simplify your business.

We have also heard of WIX which is apparently the most flexible platform to set up your website and be in control of it. Yes, WIX is the most flexible compared to WordPress (my personal experience). In fact, both have their own perks. I am a developer that uses WordPress, WIX, and Hostinger to design and set up websites. A detailed comparison will be kept for a later date. Now, I will focus on sharing details pertaining to WIX integration.

PayU has now streamlined the process for WIX integration and now you need not follow the traditional way of two very different dashboards for your WIX and other eCommerce platforms integration.

New Interphase

Earlier WIX users had to fetch Login Alias & Slat Key which was not the default keys used for other platforms. Now the new update enables you to use the Merchant Key as Login Alias & Merchant Salt (Version 1) as Salt Key in WIX.

You still have to initiate the process from WIX Dashboard, however, the issue used to arise when a WIX user would verify the PayU account from the email. Which would map the WIX user to the default PayU dashboard resulting in performing the steps again with an alternate email ID.

Now the dashboard is the same for all platforms.

Note: The accounts that have been created before this update will be directed to the old Blue Dashboard. You need not worry as that Dashboard is fully functional and support by PayU. If at all anyone is redirected to a blue dashboard please follow the traditional approach as shown below.

Traditional Approach

In a general scenario or if you need to integrate your business with the below e-Commerce Plugins, you would simply register and avail the benefits of the same.

You can click here to register for PayU Payment Gateway.

e-Commerce Plugins:

  1. Charitable

  2. Drupal Commerce

  3. e-commerce

  4. Ecwid

  5. Interspire

  6. Joomla

  7. Jumpseller

  8. Kartmagic

  9. Kartrocket

  10. Magento

  11. NopCommerce

  12. Opencart

  13. osCommerce

  14. PrestaShop

  15. Shop2Grab

  16. Shopify

  17. Shopio

  18. ShopMania

  19. Shopmatic

  20. Tally

  21. Ubercart

  22. WHMCS

  23. Woocommerce

  24. ZenCart

  25. Zepo

  26. Zoho

But when you are looking to integrate the same with WIX, the treatment is slightly different as you would want to avoid payment failure.

Integration Details:

  1. General Scenario:

  2. Merchant Key & Salt Key

  3. WIX:

  4. Login Alias & Salt Key

The difference lies in the registration formalities. (Already notified the concern with the PayU Team to have a word with the product team to enable users to follow a simple registration process.)

How to register for WIX integration?

**New to WIX – Register here.

Criteria to start accepting online payments:

  1. Must have a premium website plan

  2. Active PayU Account

Integrate your New PayU Account:

  1. Go to Accept Payments

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Accept Payments

  1. Go to Add Payment Method

  2. Credit/Debit Card

  3. PayPal

  4. Manual Payment (Offline – COD, cheque, or otherwise)

  5. Select Credit/Debit Card

  6. Click Add

Note: I have already integrated my Credit/Debit Card & PayPal

  1. Click on Change Provider

  2. PayU Biz India (Select)

  3. 2Checkout

  1. Create your PayU Account

Complete the new account registration formalities and follow the integration details process.

How to get your PayU Integration Details?

  1. Go to Merchant Dashboard

  1. Click on My Account

  2. System Settings

  1. Copy your Integration Details

  1. Come back to your WIX Dashboard

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Accept Payments

  4. Setup Account

  5. Connect to Existing Account

  1. Input the Integration Details

  2. Login Alias

  3. Salt Key

Viola! Your Payments have been activated and live on your checkout page.

If you are finding it difficult to get the integration done, you need not worry as Maveristic is here to support you.


Terms & Condition:

  1. This service is available only for the WIX website.

  2. The client can pay whatever amount they are willing to pay for this service.

  3. The amount once paid will not be refunded.

  4. Maveristic is not to be held responsible for technical issues with PayU Integration and the client will have to liaise with the PayU Support Team.

  5. The Client also agrees to allow Maveristic to use their account as a referral point to earn benefits.


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