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Do you Warm-Up?

Sup guys! Hope you have been trying to enjoy the Summer. It’s a killa this year…! Summer has been crazy & I don’t know why is it on heat… Hahaha… Twisted mind back there…

Well this time I’m here to bore you all with my antics unlike the earlier ones… Lets go back to our childhood, when activity, kept us active… Childhood has been the best moment of our lives…

You’ll must be wondering my blogs name is “Do you Warm-Up?” and I’m talking crap bout childhood and stuff.. Well, I’ve been wondering for quite sometime that things which I do now at this age was quite easily done when I was small. Now many things come into our minds when we try to think logically, firstly we are getting older. A rough guess would be around 90% of the people would think bout the age factor. Frankly, this shit doesn’t have to do anything with age. Most of us would still be guessing how does it relate to “Do you Warm-Up?”

I would say Warm-up is nothing but practising or getting your heart rate high before you do any activity be it simple or complex. Google helps me convey my msg in a better way:

“Prepare for physical exertion or a performance by exercising or practising gently beforehand.”  

Now would wonder why practicing or getting your heart rate high, practicing would be more relevant to a chef or a practitioner whereas, getting your heart rate high is more relevant to any athlete. But do we really understand the importance of Warm-up or how to conduct a warm-up? Warm-up is a very broad concept; it doesn’t comprise only of running & walking.

“Warm-up is a mix of stretches, running, walking & light exercises.”  

Being a Crossfit Enthusiast, my warm-up session would be a mix of specific muscle areas depending on the workout of the day (WOD), cycling or rowing, PVC pipe flexibility exercise & may be few light moves like lundges, squats or banded stretching. It varies from person to person & the need of requirement.

Now why am I writing or talking bout this thing that would be of least concern to most of you guys! It has to do more with awareness than knowledge sharing. I would advice you all to do some sort of stretching to avoid stiff muscels & joint pain. Sounds vague at times, getting a thought how would a mere stretching help in minimizing pain & stiffness. In fact it plays a very crucial role. You would be amazed to experience that you are able to do your daily chores with much more efficiency. I’ve made a list of few stretches that are quite easy but at the same time might be painful depending on your muscle flexibility & stiffness.

List of stretches:

  1. Vinyasa Flow

  2. Inchworm

  3. Dynamic Pigeon

  4. Leg Swings

  5. Fire Hydrant Circles

  6. Leg Crossovers

  7. Scorpion

  8. Page Turns

  9. Frog Walk-in

  10. Frog Walk-in Twist

  11. Lundges

  12. Twisting Reverse Lundges

  13. 2-Step Hamstring Stretch.

For the above stretches pls refer to youtube. Shall prepare a video at the earliest.

One advice is not to stress your muscles with tension. Do the stretches with ease & don’t apply more force resulting in pain or muscle tear. Muscle flexibility will come with time & you will be able to perform them more efficiently.

Keep yourself active & you will see the change I’m refering too.

Stay fit, stay healthy.

Need to know if my blogs r helping any of u. Comments shall surely help me.

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