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How to connect my Wix site to Google & complete SEO Wizard in Wix?

Hi guys,

I have recently come across many request on connecting Wix Site to Google & completing SEO Wizard. Firstly, Wix has one of the best SEO and the most easiest SEO Wizard that will enable you to connect your website to Google as well as setup SEO. You need not be an expert in SEO to complete these steps, however, knowledge will always be an added value.

SEO Wizard:

Wix SEO Wizard - Maveristic Blog
  • Get Found on Google

  • Define your SEO Plan

SEO Plan Panel - Maveristic Blog
  • Define Your Business Details and set keywords (These details are the combination that is used for Page Title)

**Choose only relevant keywords

Choose only relevant keywords
  • Click on Save

Complete Step 1: Connect your Site to Google

Connect Wix Site to Google - Maveristic Blog
  • Homepage Title is the combination of the SEO Plan details (image below)

SEO Home Page Title Wix SEO Wizard - Maveristic Blog

**Title of any page should not be more than 70 characters

There are 7 sub-steps that we have to perform to connect the site to Google.

Step 1 to Step 5 are pertaining to the Title, SEO Description, and Text Optimization.

Step 6 is critical as you need to have an active premium plan to connect a domain or link the site to Google.

Recommended Wix Premium Plans for your perusal:

  • Casual (For users who are wanting to just connect the site to Google): Business - Basic

  • Non-eCommerce Website: Business - Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

  • eCommerce/Restaurant Website: eCommerce - Business Unlimited

Step 7 is where you will be able to index the site to Google.

Viola! Your site is now connected to Google.

Complete Step 2: Complete Wix SEO Wizard

After you have successfully connected the site to Google. Wix SEO Wizard will automatically run an SEO check on all the pages that has been created (hidden as well as shown) on the site.

Optimize your site pages for search engines - Maveristic Blog

Pages that need attention will be highlighted as below & the steps to complete the same will be shown in the description.

Wix SEO Wizard error page - Maveristic Blog

Once you have complete all the checks and taken necessary actions your SEO task will be completed and all the pages have been indexed by Google.

Happy SEO Wizarding!


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