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Push Press, Jerk & Medicine Ball Clean

Hi Guys!

Hope you all doing well!

Have been away for quite some time now. I don’t know if you all find my blogs interesting, let’s figure out if you all like what I write or the way I try to put thoughts forward.

I believe by now you would know that I do have some knowledge about the things I write! Well, this is still just bits & part of what Crossfit is all about. In this blog I would conclude the 9 Foundational movements. Believe me these foundational movements got the hell outta me. Everything when seen seems to be very easy to perform & pretty cool. When I first started my Crossfit journey everything I would see was quite easy. But, when I actually did a particular movement I realised this S*** is way tougher than I thought it would be.

It’s rightly said you need to be crazy to perform such high intensity workouts. Craziness goes to the extent of “Mental Illness”. You would start loving the feeling about screwing yourself daily. Hahaha… Well after all it is all about how mentally strong you are to do this s***? Well, now that I’ve bored you all enough with all this craziness let’s get down to the real thing…

Barbell Push Press:

This is a dynamic compound exercise that increases strength and power in both the upper and lower body. It mainly focuses on the shoulders, hips, and core. Keeping your elbows tucked in & close to your shoulder to maintain tension on your shoulders while pressing the bar overhead. Sounds cool haan! Let’s see the form now.

Step 1

Grab a barbell and hold it with a grip that is a little less than shoulder-width apart. Pull the barbell just above shoulders with elbows close to your body. Bend your knees and lower your body in to a quarter-squat position.

Step 2 Press the weight over your head as you press through the heels to explosively stand up. Pause and slowly lower the bar back down to the starting position.

Tips: 1. Make sure to drive hips upward and perform the lift explosively. 2. Do not hyperextend the lower back at the lockout position. 3. Make sure you finish the top of the press by locking out the elbows.

Push Jerk:

CrossFit involves a variety of functional movements of wide-ranging intensity. One of the most intensely powerful movements in CrossFit is the push jerk. This movement, also one of the key exercises in Olympic weight lifting, is a powerful overhead movement that requires both raw strength and expert technique.

Let’s see how to perform one! When performing the push jerk, it is imperative to keep your body upright and core tight. The movement of the jerk involves a dip and drive. While dipping down, make sure to keep your body upright and drive the bar directly overhead.

Step 1: Grab a barbell and hold it with a grip that is a little less than shoulder-width apart. Pull the barbell just above shoulders with elbows close to your body. Bend your knees and lower your body in to a quarter-squat position.

Step 2: With your feet underneath your hips, dip into a quarter-squat position.

Step 3: Extend your legs, open your hips, and explode up to drive the bar into the overhead position.

Step 4: As you extend the bar overhead, dip a second time to drop under the bar as you catch the bar with your arms extended.

Step 5: Stand up to the starting position and lower the bar down.

Medicine Ball Clean:

This is a dynamic move where you perform a clean with a weighted ball. Sounds easy when we use the word ball, it’s just a myth! Easy yet complex to master. A foundational movement to perform a Barbell or Dumbell clean or power clean.

Key Points:

Setup – Ball on the floor. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, weight in the heels, shoulders over the ball & knees in line with toes. Ball is positioned on the floor between the legs with clearance for the arms. Arms are straight with palms on the outside of the ball.

Execution – Drive through the legs and heels, hips fully extend hips and shrug with straight arms. Hips close to land in a front squat and arms pull under to catch the ball with elbows beneath the ball. Rep Completions – Stand up to full extension with the ball in the rack position.

After all this stuff I’m pretty sure most of you must be wondering what is all this? It’s just my passion that I’ve written down. You would not regret trying it out at least once. I do talk stuff that no one understands… Hahaha… But it’s all fun coz at the end of the day this is something everyone is curious about & wanna know more about it.

Believe me you shall try this out. Gonna post some videos soon on my FB, insta & youtube page. Shall keep ya’ll posted on the same.

Before I conclude the 9 Foundational Movements, I would love to share the bonding with my trainers, coach, brothers & friends.

“This is not just CrossFit this is CrossFit Community”

Watch Pradeep (Trainer), Divya (Trainer) & myself in the below video, hope you all like it…! It is an edited video though. Edited as in pure efforts but added effects..☺

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