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How to integrate Razorpay Payment Gateway in WIX?

Finally, Razorpay has been fully integrated with WIX.

Now you can add not only PayU but also Razorpay to your WIX website. You can now use both most recommended payment gateway providers in India on your WIX Website.

Would you need both? Not really, but I recommend adding both simply to let your visitors complete the process incase they face issues due to technical glitch. This is a very rare scenario but why take a chance to loose your customer for some unforeseen event.

You can look up here for how to integrate PayU with Wix?

New to Razorpay? Click here to create your account and start your business.

There are 2 steps towards setting up your Razorpay account for smooth integration.

  1. API Key

  2. Webhook

Both are to be done in the flow as shown above.

**Please note that the Secret Key to be used for setting up the Webhook is the same that is generated in the API Key.

Please follow the below steps respectively:

  1. Login to your Razorpay Dashboard

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Click on API Keys

  4. Generate New API Key

  5. Download API Key details (MANDATORY)

  6. Copy Key Secret

  7. Click on Webhooks

  8. Paste the Razorpay Integration URL in Webhook URL:

  9. Paste the Key Secret that you copied in Secret

  10. Select below options in Active Events

  11. Payment.Failed

  12. Order.Paid

  13. Refund.Processed

  14. Click on Create Webhook


How to create API Key & Webhook for Razorpay to integrate with WIX?

How to map Razorpay API Key details to WIX?

  1. Login to WIX Dashboard

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Click on Accept Payments

  4. Select Razorpay

  5. Click on Setup Account to Activate

  6. Connect Existing Account

  7. Enter the API Key & API Secret Key (You will get these details from the downloaded excel)

  8. Click on Connect to My Account

How to map Razorpay API Key details to WIX?

Here you can find the entire process to integrate your WIX Website with Razorpay:

How to integrate Razorpay with Wix?

Happy Integration!


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