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Which is a better website building platform?

Hi guys!

We often wonder where shall I build my website with minimal coding and a user-friendly experience both for the owner as well the visitor of your website or blog.

There are many blogs that talk about these platforms and have a comparison between WordPress & WIX.

I would also say it depends on one’s comfort level and personal choice. There would also a few who are extremely loyal and would not want to move away from WordPress at the same time resistant to change.

Yes, WordPress is a giant in terms of themes & plugins. There is no one in today’s time to beat the repository of WordPress. But how flexible is WordPress in terms of backend functionality?

I am a user who is not very familiar with MySQL, DB, PHP, and another coding. WordPress has the provision for accommodating all the above with its advanced HTML and Additional CSS class(es), but how well-versed would the end-user be?

Even if I choose to use Plugins not all the features I need are possible to access, which makes sense as the provider needs to earn their living. If I were to create a custom Database without having to worry about MySQL and other backend functionality, I would get the plugin Ninja Tables.

Ninja Tables is a really good plugin and will address all of your custom needs (believe me), but you need to get in the premium plan.

I have been a WordPress user for more than 3 years not a seasoned user but yes I have done some pretty amazing things with WordPress and then I got introduced to WIX.

And then…

This happened…

I realized that WIX is much more flexible in terms of designing, backend functionality, and the biggest advantage WIX Database.

The WIX in-house application has almost everything you will need to get your business and website going.

  1. Flexible Design & usability

  2. In-built Database Management (missing in WordPress)

  3. Custom Dashboard (missing in WordPress)

  4. No dependency on Plugins

  5. Meets international standards

  6. Custom Code Enabled

  7. Fast and Secured

  8. Flexible Pricing and Plans

What else would I need?

Both of the platforms have their individual identity and are ace in their own ways.

I have developed an entire Placement Management System (PMS) for colleges on the WIX Platform. Click here to have a look.

I am now building custom templates with the Dashboard feature on the WIX platform to enable my visitors to have their own website without having to worry about coding. Yes, you read it right. We design custom themes and you have to simply purchase the theme and plot your details.

Here is a sneak peek!

Version 2.0

You want to build your own WordPress or WIX website, please click on the below link!

I will soon be exploring Hostinger and would share my experience of the platform.

I have also done some study on a few Hosting platforms and would be writing on the same soon.

Be creative & unique with Maveristic.

You contact me for any assistance or requirements.

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