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College Days

Hi Guys!

Just wanted to share an emotional journey with Walto, my four legged brother.

Few college friends but must admit they r one of the best.

Punjabi dude, he was crazy & most of the time would be childish. First ever Punjabi guy who would stay away from fights. The great, Parvinder with  a very distinct nature. He doesn’t mingle much but has always been fulfilling his duties of a good friend. No matter what, he would always be present if anyone of us is not keeping well, not only us in fact our family as well. He has this kind nature that has always kept us connected.

Shankar, now this was a specimen. He was good at studies but bad with girls. Hahaha.. he’s definitely gonna kill me to expose him. No matter what he does he would manage to score good. But when it comes to girls boom. He would blast it out there. He never had the patience to tackle a girl. Hahaha.. There’s lots of memories which has got both of us in trouble. Dude remember the “Chappal nikal kar marungi” I’m laughing my guts out.

Vinal. He was a very silent creature. The most sober guy among us. Only studies n hanging around with us. No girls, no flirting & no lafda. Would prefer talking point to point. We both would irritate Shankar a lot since he would always go for a toss when it came to girls.

Malik, we call him Malik coz his name is too long. It’s actually Mallikaarjun, we would always make fun of him since he had Mallika in his name. Hahaha.. Now this guy has the best looks in our whole group. But he’s very skinny. Lil weight & he will look much better. My mom always tells him to get married soon. She believes he’s gonna put on some weight only after marriage. Actually we all agree with mom. An incident that made us best of friends. It was during our lecture when we were fooling around & I accidentally pushed him against the wall. I didn’t know he had some back problem, he had a gap in his spine. Believe I was way scared coz I didn’t know what he was going through since he just sat down all curled. From that day I swore not only me but I wouldn’t let any one harm him. Lol.. so far all well, not coz I’m protecting him but coz he stays away from stupid people like me. Hahaha..

Shardeep, tagged with the prefix Jholar. Initially I never knew what jhol he ever did. Gradually I gotta know it. Nah nah not gonna let out any of em. But I must say he’s one heck of a cricketer. He loves playing cricket, lately he won the tournament for his company & has been compared with David Warner (Australian Batsman). I feel really proud of him to have him as my friend. Anyone who is reading this if you have any sort of influence to get him into the IPL you shall not regret it.

Manish, this one is very delicate. He’s heart is very clean but he’s one delicate personnel in our group. Delicate is not weakling, but he expresses his emotions by crying. We would make fun of him initially but now our bond has increased & can understand it’s a way of expression for him. He never fights but indirectly gets into lots of trouble. There was this one incident which had made me & Jayesh famous in whole of Ratnam. This thing was a god damn nest of confusion. My whole group was singing songs and suddenly while a romantic song was being sung, there was this girl who accidentally felt that Manish was trying to act smart with her. Nw the thing was since Jayesh knew Manish’s nature he took the blame on his head. He gets a call from her BF & gets threatened saying he’s gonna pick him from the bus stop. Well I was clueless what exactly happened. But I knew 1 thing for sure he’s threatening Jayesh. We all rushed with Jayesh. Well Shardeep was handicapped that day. So it was only Jayesh & myself. 2 against 4. That day at the bus stop one fight n got a lifetime recognition in college of a gunda. Hahaha.. Nw I didn’t know shall I take pride or just let it pass. Let it pass coz my crush was also in the same college & was very much against such fights. As days went by, sort of Bhai (Godfather) image had been formed.

Rohit, he’s a perfect example of Marvadi. His brains are really good at calculating things but only for himself. Hahaha.. We all call him BMC. Why BMC? He has a really lousy mouth. He can strip away anyone with just his jokes and sense of humour. We would keep mmm once he would take on someone. Coz we never knew when we would become a prey of his jokes & sense of humour.

Vinayak, he’s a newbie. Fun loving person. Very silent. Talks limited. But never missed out on a chance to fool someone. Keen listener & talks only when required.

Jayesh, well took him last on my list coz our friendship was based on a funny incident. My then crush & now wife was the reason for our strong bonding. He would always fool with her & make me jealous. Well he never did it on purpose he didn’t even know I had a huge crush on her. So one fine day I gave a thought & decided to ask whether he had some feelings for her. It was during break that I asked him if he felt anything for her. To my surprise everyone started laughing at me. I had a huge question mark with embarrassment wondering what did I ask that all are laughing at me..? Well he didn’t have any feelings for her, in fact he said we both will irritate her in Banking Insurance lecture. Now this moment was the reason when we started hanging out & actually had lots of good memories. So ideally my wife was the reason to have given me a lifetime friend.

We all were known as “Hellboyz” & always had each other’s support. We were the best set of group who would always hangout & had this different level of understanding. One shout & we all would gather no matter what. We all were unique in our own style yet none of us never had any ego clash or fight amongst ourselves. God bless our friendship & may it keep growing.

 All these folks have made my college days a memorable one.

Next Blog: Glimpse of my wife.

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