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Who am I?


I’m Canute Fernandes.

A self-motivator, ready to go & stable personnel. I believe in


I always knew life is strange but now i have started to transform my thinking from strange to funny. Life is funny. Well I guess strangely funny.

Now lets focus on my belief. Hobbies are many but do I really love em! Many a times I think what I do is what I love. Its just a myth. Most of the time I just accept things & convince myself that yes I love em.

I’ve been an HR Professional with a progressive experience of more than 4 yrs. I’ve successfully completed my SAP & CSR certification as well as PG in HR & Finance. Have a strong qualification background.

Now this is what will make you also believe that life is Strangely Funny & not just strange or funny. With my qualification anyone can expect to be having one of the premium jobs, if not premium at-least one of the best for sure. But I guess I’m just a lil bit unfortunate because I’ve none. I started getting a vibe of life being strange & wondering I’ve done well with my life. Never been a useless good for nothing guy. But still I’m just waiting for the right job. Well I was tired about talking strange things & wandering my mind with endless thoughts.

One fine day I woke up, looked right into my eye & said “Dude, you are just awesome!”. Now the funny thing was I got a thought “Studying too much means difficulty in getting jobs, studying less also means the same…” You need to just perfectly qualified. But in fact there is nothing as Perfectly Qualified.

Now lets list down things I Love..

  1. Beards

  2. Clothing

  3. Fitness

  4. Teaching

  5. Technology

  6. Dogs

  7. Music

  8. Dancing What I’ve evaluated is simple.

  9. Beards: I love it. Have a really really macho beard. Pitch black & rowdy style. I often play around with my facial hair. Moreover, it doesnt harm anyone. But again I don’t think i can actually start up a salon. Its not impractical but not something that I can take as a profession.

  10. Clothing: I love to keep and see myself all suited. Couple of my friends have even complemented me as the “Perfect Paav Vala” (Catholic). Almost everything & anything suits me. Think of it as profession, again no specific qualificaton in hand.

  11. Fitness: This is one of my Ace. Not a regular workout guy, but yes I do workout. Fortunately, have a body which gets in shape within a week or so. For me getting in shape is not 6-pack n stuff. Just presentable! Though I must admit there are many heavy made people who look way better than me 😛 I’ve started gearing up for Crossfit Level 1 Certification. Why? You all must have already guessed it!

  12. Teaching: Yes I can teach. Pretty good at it. You need to give a motivation speech, call me. You need a lector for HR subject, call me. You need someone who thinks out of the box, call me. Now in all this the only problem is I don’t have any teaching profession certificate.

  13. Technology: Ahh! My beloved professional life. Have been a successful HR professional. Was into Functional HR with a very reputed Bank & my best ever experience. Suddenly my Dad who has done everything for me had a wish of me being an SAP Consultant. I didn’t even bother to ask my Dad Why? I just did it. So here I’m a Certified SAP HCM Consultant. M already in love with it, but due to lack of an opportunity I’ve not been able to go ahead.

  14. Dogs: These are the only living being apart from human with whom I can actually share things. It’s a one way communication but it’s very very effective. Try it. No secrets led out, no drama, no ignorance just companionship. And they actually respond. They have this unique way of gesture, licking you, placing their head on your shoulders, place their paws on you & many more.

  15. Music: This is something that gels with my mind waves. Its just amazing how music can change your thinking. I can surely listen to it but, when it comes to play for others I’m horrible. Hahaha.. So professionally its out.

  16. Dancing: I’m kwel at dancing. There was a time when I was good but seeing the talent & benchmark, it ain’t my cup of tea.

After I thought over my hobbies, the two things that struck me was Technology & Fitness. This is how I figured out I am a maverick & optimistic person. I never give up and always try to see the good in every bad.

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