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Teenage – Part 1



This is the most awaited years of our life. The more we say the less.

Days of short pant to full pant. Your first crush. Your biggest rival. Countless memories.

Well I had almost every emotion for the first time in these years. My whole childhood I would wonder why are these boys wearing full pant & me in these shorts. Looking at em I would feel as if I’m naked. Now this was the level of exaggeration I had when I was tiny. And to top it up I would often see girls & boys talking in one corner once boys come in full pant. Strange! Why can’t girls talk with us the same? I had developed this feeling that “Saala Full pant ka kamal hai”. As years went by, I understood this was the era of your first crush. Now crush was often termed as LOVE in teenage. Your first love which as we grow & get matured is termed as puppy love. Hahaha.. But there are few who keep up to the puppy love though.

Now was the time when I experienced my first crush. I don’t know how & when but yes I had a huge crush on her. In fact I would communicate with very few girls & she was one of them. We were really good friends. I was into sports & she was into studies. Was like opposite poles attract each other. We used to walk from station to school together. Fool around, I was more on the shy side. In fact before I approached her I bought a cycle. Initially I would go all round, later on  would just cross over the railway bridge & walk along her side. We all would hang around quite a lot. She would always be the Monitor & I would always take advantage of her. There was a very romantic funny moment in our lives, “The Letter”. Now this was really strange & I had no clue this was gonna happen. She always knew I liked her, but after this letter she was sure I felt something for her. There was this guy Stephen who was writing a letter, that too a Love Letter from me to her. We all were sitting on the last bench with total concentration in the lecture. It was a science lecture with no clue what’s going on. We  were glued to the black board. Suddenly we noticed Mam walking towards our bench & we were quite surprised to be caught for no reason. Suddenly, she takes out a paper & goes red after seeing it. We were clueless except Stephen. To our surprise it was a Love Letter  from Me to Her. He just put his hands up saying I asked him to write it & the white wash I got was memorable. White wash wasn’t enough, she read the letter aloud & more over kept it as an example for every science lecture where heart topic would come in. The worst part was when I turned back, I saw her in tears & I said this is the end of our friendship. Fortunately she kept our friendship going strong knowing my nature. After this incident,Canute got famous, not only for my sportsmanship but the letter as well. Now she was someone playing 2 roles that of a friend & crush. She was & has always been a really good friend till date. When it comes to my crazy friendship journey with my gang. Kunal, Gaurav, Hadley, Denzil & Adelyne were all into sports, with only Swetha, the odd man out. We all had this unique connection of friendship & understanding. Kunal, Denzil, Gaurav & myself were a part of our school Hockey & football team. Hadley was with us for our school Football team. Adelyne was in the girls hockey team. Now if I were to describe each one of them. 1. Gaurav: A very shy person. In fact if I were to compare myself to him I was way gutsy. He was our groups silent kid. Most of the time helpless without us. But was very good with books. Popularly known as “Taklya”(Baldy). 2. Kunal: Now this guy was a specimen. He would manage to do all the possible mischief. He would literally follow girls & put us in trouble. Never harmed any one for sure, but he was the gutsy one. He was a yr elder to us. In fact Kunal was the first to make friends with. Popularly known as “Kaliya” (Blacky) 3. Denzil: This one was always crack. He would do things & behave as if he didn’t do it. He would play “Saint without paint”. Popularly known as “Ghoda”(Horse). 4. Hadley: Now he was fun loving but lil delicate. He would get angry very often. He was really skinny but had lots of stamina. He was one of our best Mid-Fielder Footballer. Popularly known as “Chusela Aam” (Squashed Mango) 5. Adelyne: She was a specimen. Full on tom boy. Would do all the possible crazy things. I used to always end up getting thrashed. Hahaha.. Never dared to keep a name for her. 6. Shweta: Very studious & odd man out. Never involved herself in many activities. Was a great dancer. Kept within our group as she was a great help to us in studies.☺

Our Moment:

Denzil, Gaurav & myself were known as “THE WALL” of Fatima defense line. Umesh, Kunal, Denzil & myself  had been privileged enough to be selected for a hockey tournament at MMS (Maharashtra Military School). We were the only players from our school team to have been selected for this league. It was a proud moment. During that tournament I was complemented by MMS Principle that I missed out on the “BEST PLAYER OF THE TOURNAMENT” by one match. This was my first achievement & felt proud. We stood 3rd in the tournament. This was just the beginning & soon we were selected for “TDHA” where in we represented the Thane District. This tournament wasn’t that great for me as I felt my performance wasn’t upto the mark. It was still a moment to experience my lil fame in school days. Sports has really transformed my life not only physically but mentally as well. This was just a glimpse of my teenage. There was a twist after I was done with Schooling. 3 yrs of my teenage was spent making valuable friends & memories. Next Part: Teenage – Part 2 (Soul Mate)

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