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How are you’ll? Well childhood.. Something that we all dream of.. We all miss those days..

My childhood was sort of mysterious. I do carry this mysterious image now as well. Have always been having this contradictory nature. Am a very shy person and on the other hand I love to meet up with people, make new friends & hangout.

My parents say I was born with Ganpati ears, well not literally. It was just that my left ear was bigger than the right one. Supposed to be lucky. There is this funny incident regarding my name as well. Read ahead to check it out. Well I was schooling at Xavier’s High School, Bhandup, Mumbai, India. Wasn’t really into studies though. Was an average student throughout my school days. Was here till my 3rd Grade, later on moved to Fatima High School & completed my schooling. While I was at Xavier’s, I spent most of my time running about. Well you must be feeling I was an Athlete. In fact I was running after I got into a fight, either chasing or being chased. This was the only time I would run faster than like ever. When it would come to running race, I would be last to start & last to finish. I’ve many sweet memories at Xavier’s. I was a chocolate boy of my class, girls would come grab my cheeks as if it were some sort of soft toy. I must admit childhood is the best coz you get so many kisses, the best part is no age limit. Hahaha.. I always had this one rival Sumit, he was tall & quite huge compared to me. He was the reason I knew I could run. And along with my 2 friends Godwin & Ronald. We were like 3 murthy’s. Now when it came to girls I was never able to talk to them, would just give a broad smile & flaunt my deep dimple. Now this was the real reason behind playing a role of a soft toy. I also had this personality of not sharing my feelings with anyone. Now this was something serious & needed attention. Since I had this discrete nature, everyting would pile up within. This led to demotivation. I was really good when it came to studies but only at home. My mom was a teacher by profession, I know what she had been going through when her son would score passing marks & her students on the other hand would score amazing. But as a teacher she never ignored a mother’s care & feeling. She realised something strange & took me to a councillor. Where we got to learn I was suffering from Exam Phobia & Depression. My mom took lots of pain for 6 months & my Dad was very supportive. They did everything for my sake & never said a word towards my studies. Very supportive & handled with care. We weren’t living a lavish life but they never made anything less for us. Feel proud to have such parents. Dad took a decision to move outta here & bought a house at Ambernath where me & my sis had been enrolled in Fatima High School. Now starts a new chapter in my life. I was a Fatimite & it was the first day of school. As usual just a smile on my face & making an attempt towards friendship. Wasn’t really successful but I did manage to make a relation of smile. Now this smile had many positive things but equally negative as well. I would smile at the teacher & she would get offended thinking I’m insulting her. I always wondered how can a smile put me out of the class? And it was my first experience ever. This was indeed a reason to make friends & those friends are still my best buddies. I was always a back bencher ever since. They were all sportsmen & attracted me towards hockey & football. Now the challenge was how shall I tell my parents that I need a hockey stick & shoes. I knew they would get the best for me. I was hesitant but I did tell them later on. I wasn’t surprised but my dad got me a kit the next day itself. I knew he would get it within a day or two maybe that’s why i was hesitant, knowing the fact that he would arrange the money somehow for my sake. If they being my parents were so committed then now it was my turn to prove myself. I was scared because this is my first encounter with the sports world. I was never a sportsperson. I told myself “Bugger mom & dad have bought this kit within no time, No backing out now” I was continuously telling this to myself and surprisingly I don’t how & why, but I did get selected for my school team. I started with Hockey slowly & gradually I joined the school football team. This was my moment, I earned lots of respect as a sportsman. Was quite famous for being in the school team. Sports had then become my motivation, I had improved in my studies still an average guy though. During this tenure of mine with Fatima I made many friends & till date they are with me by my side. To be more specific: 1. Gaurav 2. Kunal 3. Rakesh 4. Denzil

5. Hadley

6. Shweta

7. Adlyne These are my 7 school friends who I know will always be there for me. To summarize my childhood it was a lovable & joyful journey.. Oh wait I just remembered about my name.. Well Canute was my Dad’s uncle. He had this sickness of night walk & passed away in a tragic accident. Dad wasn’t very comfortable naming me after him because he was his beloved & was very emotional at that time. Well then the teacher strikes my Mom, she’s like ohk we will do a chit system. Surprisingly Canute came thrice & the name was served on platter. My dad was like no one can beat a teacher. Next Blog: Teenage

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