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Teenage – Part 2

Hi guys..

Finally I’ve thought on how to begin my part 2.. It’s actually tough..

There are so many moments that we all experience. Half teenage goes in spending time with Your crush, your biggest rival & countless first step towards your teenage.. Now here starts our 2nd innings of teenage “College days”. The moment when we actually wonder what’s it like going to college. We all wait for the first day to go to college in casuals & nt in uniform. Some do have uniforms..

Thank God mine was in casuals & not in uniform. But my college journey was on a more silent track than my school days.. A tiny twist before i could begin college. After my schooling, a relocation to Bangalore since dad had a job change. All were excited since we were moving in to a new place. Colleges in Bangalore were gonna begin like 2 months before our results were out. So now the problem was we would miss out on the initial months of our college. So me n my sis flew back to Mumbai. Actually my sis flew back within a week. After three months, mom and me had to come by road since we had to get our pet along. Walto our love, our everything. He was 5 yrs by that time. We had a tiring journey but a good one. Mom went through hell but never let me be in discomfort. It was a long way from Bangalore to Mumbai. Here in Mumbai we stayed at my aunt’s place. Was quite a stay I must say. Mom flew back to Bangalore after we took admission here. I enrolled myself in NES Ratnam, where my sports career was not that great. Well my college never actually supported sports. It was only studies studies n studies.

But this was that phase of my life where I got more socialized. Afterall it’s that part of our lives where we meet ppl from different schools, area & background. Met many friends &  understood that life is not always the way it seems to be. I never knew that I had this networking talent. School days I was good at making friends but in college days I was good at networking. Initially I wasn’t that great at making friends, slowly & gradually I did manage to make a handful of em. In this process I realized I wasn’t only making friends but was getting more socialized. There was this change of approach suddenly. I didn’t know if I shall term it as maturity. But somewhere it was a bit different. My 1st ever set of college friends were all unique in their own way who are still by my side including my school gang. Had many friends, so much that every stream knew me & were familiar with me. I had two nicknames in my college days: 1. Musa Bhai: Nw this was not coz I would fight or something, but was purely coz of my beard styles & growth. 2. Yellow pages: You guys must have guessed it right. Since I knew students from every stream I had contacts of maximum crowd. I was still very bad when it came to interacting with gals. So bad that I would just give a smile. Suddenly I met a girl who had this charm & attracted me. I never got her attention though. Hahaha..

As a matter of fact I was outta her league. She would always stand out in studies & me on the other hand stand out in everything but studies.

Walto Fernandes – 2nd Apr 2002 to 23rd Apr 2015

These were the most amazing time on my life. There were many incidents during my college days. Since me & my sis would reside with my aunt, we had a very different experience. Now this experience was that of being away from our parents & trying to make a contact with aunt who was known as Mother India, an approachable person. In absence of Mom & Dad she was the one who took good care of us. Have gone through several transformation throughout my college days. The more I think of it the more I miss those days.

My junior college was a mix of childish & matured moments. The most important thing before I even entered my college journey was a very special member of our family, “Walto”, a Fox Terrier & Lasha cross. Looked very ferocious but was a real sweetheart. He was one heck of a pal. A brother to me. He had this unique feature of his fur changing color. He would generally pass through these three phases of color – Pitch Black, Golden Black & Grey. This would be his cycle throughout the year. We have had many memories which I still cherish & keep going through these memories. Walto’s name also has a funny story like mine. The more I talk about him the more emotional it gets.

“We all love him. We miss him. RIP Bro.”

We met him on my Grandmothers grave. My grandma passed away on 2nd Dec 2002. We visited her grave every Sunday after mass & he would be sitting at her grave. He was as small as a tile & had this weird way of walking. As if he is doing cha cha cha. I must admit this walk of his got my Mom soften. This happened for couple of weeks we would visit the grave & he would follow us to the entrance & go back to the grave. Finally we decided to take him with us. And I had to do first day first show, he took a loo exactly in front of a banana vendor, who had asked me to clean it. And that was the day I said bro u gotta be kidding me. To my surprise as if he understood & came running to me & cuddled up. Now comes the time for name. I was a cartoon fan, well by nature as well.. hahaha.. I had seen a quest of a wolf named Balto. I had actually said Balto which in turn became Walto. Well Walto also sounded great to me & there we finalized his name. Unlike mine with a chit system.

There’s lots more to come. Stay tuned..

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